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Eyes Wide Open...

October 25th, 2009 at 02:14 am

Mouth Closed Shut (from now on, anyways)...

Look, we make good money... We paid our credit cards off... We are paying our collections off... We have money left over @ the end of the money.... We don't spend all crazy like... Except for when it comes to eating out.

Why do we do this to ourselves?


I know better. I do. I know what needs to be done... (meal planning, shopping, stop being lazy & make lunches for the kids and hubby)...

I knew it was getting a little out of hand; we've been eating Subway at least once a week...usually when it's a school night for me.

I can't sleep... so I decided to pull the info from our joint bank account.

This does not include meals/eating out paid for by DH's debit card or cash.

Just our joint.
And just since August 1.

Not even three full months.

Here goes:

Applebees -21.74
Baskin Robbins -10.75
Baskin Robbins -9.56
Baskin Robbins -11.86
Carl's Jr -15
Carl's Jr -12.88
Chipotle -35.46
Chipotle -18.43
Chipotle -33.46
Chipotle -19.08
Cinnabon -6.98
Coldstone -11.39
Cracker Barrel -53.32
Dairy Queen -1.83
Dairy Queen -15.33
Einstein -23.51
Einstein -7.74
Einstein -16.26
Einstein -11.94
Einstein -4.84
Einstein -4.84
Einstein -2.15
Einstein -4.84
Eurest Dining -4.04
Fuddruckers -27.79
Jack in the Box -11.82
Joe's BBQ -43.56
Joe's Crab -84.06
KFC -31.89
Las Taquitos -34.48
Las Taquitos -10.94
Las Taquitos -19.36
Little Caesars -15.02
Lucilles -55
Marie Callenders-15.45
McDonalds -15.89
McDonalds -3.35
McDonalds -2.84
McDonalds -6.5
McDonalds -3.56
McDonalds -7.11
Native NewYorker-34.05
Native NewYorker-50.46
Panda Express -6.86
Panda Express -8.16
Peter Piper -25.61
Peter Piper -17.84
Peter Piper -55.12
Red Devil -50.48
Red Devil -17.66
Sbarros -31.8
Scholars Café -6.34
Scholars Café -3.73
Scholars Café -2
Someburros -32.75
Sonic -7.78
Subway -17.94
Subway -20.11
Subway -4.84
Subway -3.02
Subway -20.38
Subway -31.78
Subway -21.4
Subway -24.1
Subway -20.96
TacoBell -4.72
TacoBell -12.58
Wendy's -14.65
Wendy's -25.07
Wendy's -19.06

One Thousand
Three Hundred
Thirty Seven
10 cents.

I suck.


11 Responses to “Eyes Wide Open...”

  1. shiela Says:

    Oh man! Individually they don't look much but when you add them up it's massive.
    Good luck trying to cut back. You can do it!

  2. fern Says:

    Oh, well. Thanks for the wakeup call.

  3. NJDebbie Says:

    I can see why you are stressing so much about it. That's a nice chunck of change. Try to cut back little by little until it becomes a habit.

  4. creditcardfree Says:

    This is great. You have, as you said, opened your eyes! Remember that the total may seem awful, but that you would have still needed to spend some money to make meals at home...so not all of it could have been saved. I'm sure you'll get a handle on it soon.

  5. LuxLiving Says:

    Awareness can be the giant leap of a first step on a new path! Good that you recognized the issue and can start taking corrective measures.

    You do not suck.

  6. Joan.of.the.Arch Says:

    At least they are all inexpensive places!

  7. dmontngrey Says:

    Sure is eye opening, isn't it? At least now you can see where you need to cut back. No sense beating yourself up over this - just move forward! Smile

  8. Ima saver Says:

    Wow, that is a shocker. Well, now that you know, you can do better! I know you can!!!

  9. homebody Says:

    One of my closest friends eats out all the time since she hates to cook. She did this for years even when she was a stay-at-home mom. Now they have 2 kids in college, they are struggling and it is still going on. Her husband was talking to my husband about it when they went to lunch the other day. Think of the money you could be setting aside to make life easier in the future, maybe that will help.

    Plus think of the health reasons to start cooking at home. Of course this is all easy for me to say since DH has done 95% of the shopping and cooking for the last 28 years!

    Seriously I have a lot of sympathy for working women who have to cook too. I like to think I could have done it somehow, but who knows.

  10. mooshocker Says:

    You don't suck. You just took a different path. Time to jump back on. Between you and me, I have been VERY lax in my frugality and 99% of it stems from eating out lunch, paying for others lunch and taking the family out when "we are just too tired to cook/clean up".

    Tell you what, I'll stop if you stop. Let's see how it goes. God bless.

  11. Jerry Says:

    mooshocker is right, you DON'T suck. You fell off the wagon for a bit, and now you can jump back on. Let this recognition lead you back to the frugal way you want to be, and everything will be cool. You are way ahead of where a lot of people are, and you have made so much progress, don't let this one speed bump throw you. Knowledge is one thing... the application of that knowledge is what gives you some insurance of progress, and you can do it. Good luck! I'm pulling for you.

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