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Don't you hate...

January 31st, 2010 at 07:21 am

when you lose a very important tax document?!

My state decided to do a quick audit for 2004...the year I exercised my rights on some stock options. They claimed I didn’t pay state taxes, and that I now owe them $590.00.

We move a lot, I am not the best filer, who the heck knows where the documents are from 2004?!

I went through some boxes (not the best shredderer either) and found the Year End Summary from Smith Barney that clearly SHOWS I paid the state taxes, more than what they claim I need to pay. So, I called Smith Barney and asked them to send me a 1099. They sent me a letter, not an actual 1099. I cannot find that letter anywhere.

So, I made a copy of the Year End statement (which is clear as day) and penned my response. I am going to call Smith Barney again tomorrow, but in the meantime, I will send off what I do have (copies of course).

They sent me the audit letter back in December, my response is due Feb 8, - nothing like waiting until the last minute, eh?

Gosh, I got to get better at this.......

Day 3... 30 Day Challenge and stuff

January 3rd, 2010 at 01:25 pm

I am spending today cleaning out the office. I work from home... and I also share the office with the husband, and the kids when they need it.

It was getting bad in here. I've had a lot of down time in December, including almost three weeks of vacation. Tomorrow, I have to get back into working - so that means I need to clean off the desks, shred, shred, shred, and get organized.

I've had to empty my shredder 3 times already... there was a lot of stuff. Mostly financial - thankfully, I've gone to almost all online statements.

I've found 16 items to get rid of -- most of them being books. I usually try to sell them at a used book store, but some of these were already declined. So, I am thinking of dropping them off at my grandma's retirement community. I have many more where they come from... What can I say? I love to read!

The kids and the husband are out cleaning up the garage - moving stuff around and decluttering also.

Nice way to spend a Sunday! Smile