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Settling in...

April 4th, 2010 at 08:36 am

I've not posted since Feb... life and work have been busy.

We've spent a bit of money last month.
Our oldest is getting braces next week, so I paid the down payment ($500) for that. I paid off a few medical bills that came in...and bought tickets to a Diamondbacks baseball game for this Friday for my daughter's birthday party....after all was said and done - I was able to add $200 to our down payment fund!!

I got a letter regarding a FANTASTIC snowball ($7k)...
and a few smaller ones should be coming in soon.
Still waiting to hear about taxes... I am sure we will get some money back, but prolly very little.

At this point - we are trying to scale back on spending, and just throwing money into our savings (along with the snowballs).

We won't be taking a vacation this year; instead, we are throwing the older two kids a "graduation" party (Pool Party/BBQ) at the end of May. One's graduating from elementary school, and the other middle school.

We are going to start house hunting in June! We are looking to build, so that's another 5 months. I am hoping we will be in a house by November or December!

Our credit scores are now in the mid 600s (they were 480 when we started in November 08). I think they will go up again as soon as the last of the medical collection show paid. waiting on that. And then we let things age for a bit...

So, all is good - It feels great to finally be in control!!!

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  1. Jerry Says:

    We are living overseas and my buddy just got braces and paid like a quarter of what they cost in the states... it was really surprising that it would lead to that much of a savings, and the care has been excellent. There was no insurance, or anything, he paid out of pocket. It's not a cheap endeavor, no matter where you are!

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