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Don't you hate...

January 31st, 2010 at 07:21 am

when you lose a very important tax document?!

My state decided to do a quick audit for 2004...the year I exercised my rights on some stock options. They claimed I didn’t pay state taxes, and that I now owe them $590.00.

We move a lot, I am not the best filer, who the heck knows where the documents are from 2004?!

I went through some boxes (not the best shredderer either) and found the Year End Summary from Smith Barney that clearly SHOWS I paid the state taxes, more than what they claim I need to pay. So, I called Smith Barney and asked them to send me a 1099. They sent me a letter, not an actual 1099. I cannot find that letter anywhere.

So, I made a copy of the Year End statement (which is clear as day) and penned my response. I am going to call Smith Barney again tomorrow, but in the meantime, I will send off what I do have (copies of course).

They sent me the audit letter back in December, my response is due Feb 8, - nothing like waiting until the last minute, eh?

Gosh, I got to get better at this.......

3 Responses to “Don't you hate...”

  1. Jerry Says:

    That is just ugly and it could lead to a big hassle... worse, there is absolutely no recourse against their screw-up except to have the documents! It makes me consider putting all of those tax, insurance, banking and other financial documents onto a thumb drive as scanned files, just to be safe! Good luck with this...

  2. debtfreeme Says:

    If you paid someone to do your taxes they have to keep records and they are the person to speak to the state on your behalf. They sign that they are responsible for the return.
    Call your tax person and give them a copy of the letter. Let them do the talking.

  3. jj76 Says:

    DebtFreeMe... I got my accountant in 2005, one year later! It's all my fault! But the letter I just got was last month; not sure where it went. Crazy stuff, but lesson learned!

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